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Being a popular escort agency in London relies on so many things these days.  Not least important among these desirable qualities is the ability to provide the very best London escorts to an increasingly more discerning clientele.  However, arguably even more important than this is the ability to concentrate a certain amount of energy on customer service and reliability.

We are fortunate enough to have a remarkable young English woman at the helm, who has vast experience of the London escorts industry, and along with her energetic, friendly and client focused team, she makes Belles of Mayfair an agency to be proud of; and certainly one who takes their role in today’s elite services very seriously indeed.

It’s no longer as simple as having a website and allowing girls to list themselves on it.  In order to compete with many very good agencies it becomes important to have some unique selling points.  Whilst we won’t attempt to bamboozle you with sweeping generalisations about being the best value and having the best girls, we will tell you what qualifies us as a high class London escorts agency like no other:

  • Only 100% genuine and recent pictures are used in our escort profiles.
  • We make a point of knowing all the girls listed personally.
  • All companions must meet criteria that is yet to be equalled in today’s industry.
  • Members only facility, providing greater detail and access to discounts and offers.
  • Customer service and advice from highly trained and experienced staff.
  • Stringent privacy and discretion policy.

Quality London Escorts

Some would argue that we are a little too fiercely critical during our selection process, but it’s important to us to ensure the absolute satisfaction of our clients, from the moment they discover and browse our website, to the moment their chosen girl greets with a smile at the door, right to the moment they leave you with a smile of your own and some memories you’re never likely to forget!

“The quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten”

Sir Henry Royce (Renowned car manufacturer accredited with the creation of Rolls Royce)

It is indeed fitting that we should choose a quote from the man who created one of the most prestigious brands in the world; one that positively oozes affluence and style.  Like the graceful London escorts we represent, Sir Henry was a stickler for detail and placed quality at the very forefront of his philosophy.  Keeping this in mind allows Belles of Mayfair to maintain our incredibly high standards when choosing just who to represent at the agency.

The Belles

The Belles are among the most beautiful and stylish women you’re ever likely to meet, anywhere in the world.  It becomes more than a little redundant to describe just how beautiful the London escorts are that we represent.  Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder, and it’s in realising this entirely subjective client reaction that encourages us to present you with such a diverse and unique choice of escorts in London.

The girls you will browse are from all over the world, they all have a different look, and they all attract a different type of gentlemen, with both their knowledge of the escorting industry and their individual skill sets.   The one thing that stands out universally among all our girls however, is their wit, charisma, dazzling personalities and their abundance of energy and enthusiasm.  This, gentlemen we’re sure you will agree, is the measure of a truly high class escort!

Your Experience

The London escorts here at Belles of Mayfair are the perfect choice for whatever you are planning whilst in London.  Whether you are local to London, live or work here, or whether you travel to our lovely city on business from afar, a meeting with one of our London escorts will be one you will recreate in your mind over and over. Here at Belles of Mayfair, we cater for those, whom are looking for a companion on a certain date, or for those looking for an elegant London escort today.

Dinner, drinks, or even a simple one on one, intimate encounter in your hotel room, the talented companions you see in our gallery will be as well presented and prepared for you whatever you decide.  Socially equipped to negotiate and enjoy any occasion or event, these London escorts really are the best of the best.  We wouldn’t have it any other way!

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